Seasons Dates

Archery Season – Sept. 24 through Feb. 5, 2017
Special Area Muzzleloader Hunts – Oct. 15 - 20
Youth Deer-Gun Season – Nov. 19th & 20th
Statewide Deer-Gun Season – Nov. 28 through Dec. 4th and Dec. 17th & 18th
Statewide Muzzleloader Season – Jan. 7th - 10th, 2017

We will supply you with:

  • A  private hunting area accommodated with food plots or feeding stations with multiple stands for each hunter, in pre-scouted locations.
  • Transportation to and from hunting area.
  • Animal recovery.
  • Transportation to meat locker.
  • Prepping cape for taxidermy or travel. 
  • We also offer our Taxidermy service from our award winning studio. You will be lodging in Logan at one of the area local hotels or our small cabin  Click on lodging for more information.

(Hunting license sold over the counter in town but not included in the hunt price)


Lodging can be done 2 differnt ways,One will be at one of the local hotels in the town of Logan it is only around 15 minutes away from our meeting area . There are at least 4 different Hotels to stay in and all the usually restaurants are close by . We will send you a list of them for you to chose from . We also offer for rent a 3 bedroom cabin for groups of hunters that don't want to stay in town .Ether way you will want to show up the day before your hunt starts this will give you time to get your licenses and tags and get settled in. From there you will want to come on out to our meeting area so we can meet and go over a few things about your hunt. here you will be able to site your weapons in and get a little practice on our range plus when morning comes you will no how to get here from your room.